Success Stories

Eby Expo - Customer Testimony - Monday, May 06, 2013

“The show was very nice, and a lot of fun! I enjoyed seeing the new products and the contests for free ipads and trip to Hawaii were very exciting.”
- Khawar Khaliq, Petro Mart Cust# 15459

“Accommodations were great and the vendors/brokers were courteous and knowledgeable.”
-Kishor, Jaanu Corp Cust #14618

“It was the best product mix he has seen. Also with the hotel stay, food and party he was treated like a king!”
-Knoll Bros Gas, Dave Cust# 13760

I enjoyed the Casino and Hotel, but really appreciated all of the Vendor help on the show floor. She said next year she hopes to return with the other two managers from her owner’s small chain.
-Dawn Rethmeyer, Clayton Bigbend Cust# 15720

“Probably the best thing about it, besides being able to stay overnight, the gourmet meals and cocktails, and the fabulous dance party was the ease with which we could place our orders. The USB ordering system is such a departure from the way we use to order Eby at the trade show with the pages of stickers. Think of all the trees you are saving! The USB is easy to carry, and I can pop it into my own computer to see when my orders are being delivered.
I also appreciate that some of the vendors had two or three options for delivery dates.”
-Darcia Brundiged, UIC Halsted St Station Cust #15990

“I had a great time at the show. It was a very valuable experience to help grow our business”
-Rosa, Manager Tuxedo Junction 2 Cust #16003

“Eby-Brown had the best Trade Show I have ever attended (Burklund, C&O, and Amcon) we were treated like Royalty! I have shared with the owner as well as the other managers not in attendance-can’t wait for 2014!
-Connie, Manager Express Lane-Kewanee

<font color=blue>KUDOS to Brad Jones<font color=black>KUDOS to Brad Jones - Thursday, March 07, 2013

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- The Midwest Division of Circle K selected the Wakefield Sandwich Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eby-Brown Co., as the manufacturer of its proprietary Fresh Sandwiches line. The fresh, never-frozen line of sandwiches, which includes both sub sandwiches and wedges, are now available in more than 380 Circle K stores and distributed by Eby-Brown. "We are proud to have signed an exclusive production and distribution agreement with Circle K's Midwest Division, thereby capping a very successful year in which we integrated two divisions of Circle K into the Eby-Brown family of customers," stated Tom Wake, co-owner and co-president of Eby-Brown. "Fresh foods are the future of our industry, Eby-Brown is committed to fresh foods and we are gratified that a great company like Circle K has recognized our commitment." The sandwich wedge products will be packaged in Wakefield's new, environmentally responsible cardboard cartons. By differentiating themselves from the typical plastic "factory manufactured" look, the enhanced packaging has proven to increase same-store sales by as much as 30 percent, according to the announcement. Circle K is a division of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. The privately held Eby-Brown Co. LLC is one of the largest c-store distributors in the United States, providing consumer goods and other products to retailers.